Flux je u partnerstvu sa nVidiom kako bi doveo Web3 na sledeći nivo.

Flux was created with the very purpose of innovating blockchain technology and developing the foundational technology, infrastructure, and tools for Web3.

Web3 is an evolved decentralized Internet that empowers users and delivers a whole new experience by leveraging technological breakthroughs such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, edge computing, and machine learning.

So, in the spirit of innovation, Flux is partnering with NVIDIA to share technology and ideas to build a better internet for everyone.

NVIDIA is an industry-leading hardware and software developer. They revolutionized gaming by developing groundbreaking graphic processing units (GPUs) 20 years ago.

NVIDIA has a passion for innovation, which is why they created the Inception partnership program. NVIDIA Inception is a program designed to help technology startups evolve faster through access to cutting-edge NVIDIA technology and experts, networking events, and co-marketing support.

Flux joins the NVIDIA Inception as a premier partner and will be supported by NVIDIA in developing the decentralized infrastructure needed to power Web3. This creates many joint opportunities for NVIDIA and Flux to accelerate the Web3 revolution.

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